Derek Ross

Derek is a technical evangelist for nostr, a decentralized and censorship-resistant social communication protocol. He leverages his passion for technology and his technical expertise to advocate for nostr's potential to address social media and societal challenges, striving to make a positive impact on the world.



Derek is a seasoned technical evangelist with an impressive 20-year tenure in the technology industry. His diverse career has encompassed roles as a proficient systems administrator, an influential mobile tech journalist, and a sought-after consultant. Derek's influence extends well beyond his professional journey. Derek's contributions include engagements at renowned gatherings such as Nostrica, a pioneering nostr unconference, and Baltic Honeybadger, widely regarded as one of the foremost Bitcoin conferences globally. His presentations focus on the nostr protocol, a revolutionary decentralized and censorship-resistant social communication platform. He is also a founder of Nostr Plebs, a nostr services provider, is actively involved in the development of Nostr Nests, a nostr powered audio space, and nosWhere, a powerful nostr search engine.

Speaking events

Derek has delivered addresses and panels at numerous international Bitcoin and nostr conferences, offering profound insights into decentralization, censorship resistance, and the fundamental principles of freedom. Derek engages diverse audiences, from avid Bitcoin enthusiasts, highlighting nostr's status as the optimal "app" for the Lightning network, to delving into innovative concepts such as Zaps and Zapvertising, a pioneering form of advertising. He also empowers developers by championing the notion of unparalleled creative freedom and empowers users by facilitating their autonomous control over their social graph—a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of digital communication.

nostr fixes social media

Derek is deeply committed to leveraging technology as a catalyst for global improvement. He ardently advocates that the nostr protocol harbors the potential to instigate a paradigm shift in communication, rendering it more robust, private, and resilient against censorship. His dedication lies in imparting comprehensive knowledge about the manifold advantages of the nostr protocol to the public, with an eager anticipation of witnessing its widespread adoption in the pursuit of global betterment.

Why nostr?

nostr stands for Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays. Like HTTP or Email, nostr is a protocol; an open standard in which anyone can build and everyone is free to particpate. nostr is designed with simplicity, empowering developers to build decentralized and censorship resistant tools for users across the globe.

nostr is open

nostr represents an open social communication protocol that empowers individuals with the opportunity to construct, engage, and actively participate on a global scale. In stark contrast to prevailing paradigms, it operates devoid of advertising intrusions and algorithmic influence, cultivating an environment where authentic human interactions take center stage.

nostr is censorship resistant

nostr operates on a decentralized architecture that forgoes dependence on a limited number of trusted servers for data transmission and storage. This unique design ensures that there are no centralized authorities empowered to enact bans or engage in censorship, preserving a robust and resilient communication framework.

nostr is decentralized

Individuals possess the ability to operate their own nostr client or nostr relay, thereby engaging actively in the management of various aspects within the nostr protocol's infrastructure. nostr is for the users, by the users.

nostr utilizes clients to access and display data

Clients serve as the cornerstone of the nostr protocol, endowing users with the capacity to tailor their social experiences to their own personal preferences and specifications.

nostr utilizes relays to store data

Users have the ability choose which relays to utilize, putting users in charge of their social graph for the very first time. Most importantly, anyone can run their own relay.

nostr is more than social

In our current societal landscape, the demand for social interaction has never been more pronounced. However, it is worth noting that the most captivating use cases of nostr extend beyond the realm of social media clients.

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For inquiries regarding nostr speaking engagements, please do not hesitate to contact Derek Ross. He can be reached either through nostr direct messages or via email. Your interest is greatly appreciated. Pura vida.